Cells and Development: Practical (Adv) (HSTO3004)


This advanced unit of study complements HSTO3003 (Cells and Development: Theory) and is catered to provide students with laboratory research experience leading to Honours and higher degrees. It will primarily cover the design and application of experimental procedures involved in cell and developmental biology, using appropriate molecular and cellular techniques to answer developmental questions raised in HSTO3003. This unit of study will promote hands on experience, allowing students to observe and examine developing and differentiating tissues at the macroscopic and microscopic level. The main emphasis of this unit of study will concentrate on practical approaches to understanding the mechanisms that control animal development. Some projects may examine early developmental processes such as fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation and the formation of the primary germ layers and tissues. The parts played by stem cells and inductive cell and tissue interactions in differentiation, morphogenesis and pattern formation can also be examined at cellular and molecular levels.

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Practical class reports and Seminars (100%)


Gilbert SF. Developmental Biology. 10th edition. Sinauer Associates Inc. 2013.

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A mark of 65 in (ANAT2008 or PHSI3005 or PHSI3905) OR [(a mark of 65 in BMED2401) and at least two from (BMED2402 and BMED2403 and BMED2406)].



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