Science Fiction: The Future is Now (ICLS2635)


Science Fiction is one of the most interesting explorations of human future. Yet it addresses a number of social, political and existential issues that refer to the present: dilemmas, phobias and hopes of a world traumatised by war, disease and internal contradictions. Through the comparative study of novels and movies, this unit explores how the future, from a promised land of a great utopia, has become the dreadful exile into a dark dystopia.

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1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


1x5 minute oral presentation with written one page plan equivalent to 1000 words (10%), 2x2500wd essays (2x45%).

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At least 12 Junior credit points from any of the following: Arabic Studies, Chinese Studies, English, European Studies, French Studies, Germanic Studies, Modern Hebrew, Indonesian Studies, Italian Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Modern Greek & Byzantine Studies, Spanish & Latin American Studies, History.

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