Graduation Studio (IDEA9301)


This is the culminating studio of the Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts that provides students with a capstone experience. The aim of this studio is to draw together and synthesise the learning that has taken place during the whole degree. The student will develop a graduation design project based on an industry- or community-focused brief. Students will work in small teams or individually to produce a design proposal and solution that addresses contemporary issues and challenges and incorporates innovate interactions and applications of emergent technologies. The submitted design work should be of high quality suitable for professional presentation and portfolio.

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2 hrs/wk


Project (90%); Portfolio (10%)

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48 Credit Points including (18 credit points from IDEA9103 and IDEA9105 and IDEA9106) and [18 credit points from (IDEA9101 and IDEA9102) or (IDEA9201 and IDEA9202)]

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