IDEA Research Internship (IDEA9311)


This unit allows students to collaborate with a private partner on a project with a strong design research character. Such project would typically not be connected to the direct commercial goals, require a certain degree of risk, and necessitates a level of technical and design expertise that is not available by the private partner. The program coordinator can choose to offer pre-approved client briefs from known external partners to interested students. Students need to submit a written project proposal, detailing the project objectives, the approach, the intended outcomes and timeline of the internship, and the agreement from the private partner. The proposal must describe how the outcomes of the internship will include the design and production of a design work that has a clear relationship to the skills and knowledge taught in the IDEA program. The total workload should reflect a 12 credit point unit of study in this degree. At completion, the student must submit: a log book (physical or digital) of their internship activities, together with a critical reflection on their design process (of at least 1000 words); a written report describing the design concept, rationale, design methodology, the development structure, and an evaluation of the design work undertaken at the internship (of at least 5000 words); and mixed media documentation of the work. The student is expected to present their work to peers and assessors. The academic supervisor, the program coordinator and the private partner will jointly assess the work. Students must seek permission to enrol from the program coordinator before the start of the teaching semester. It is at the sole discretion of the Program Director to approve the private partner and project. Approval must be sought before enrolling. Internship must end before end of semester. Credit will not be granted for this unit of study.

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Min. 8 hrs/semester group supervision; 2 hrs/wk supervision by private partner


Proposal and presentation (10%); Written report and built work (70%); Critical reflection on design process and logbook (10%); Mixed media documentation and final presentation (10%)

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Unit of study rules


48 Credit Points including (18 credit points from IDEA9103 and IDEA9105 and IDEA9106) and (18 credit points from IDEA9101 and IDEA9102 and IDEA9201 and IDEA9202)

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Students must seek permission to enrol from the IDEA Director before the start of the teaching semester. Internship must end before end of semester. Advanced standing will not be granted for this unit of study.

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