Molecular and Cellular Immunology (Advanced) (IMMU3902)


This unit is available to students who have performed well in Introductory Immunology (IMMU2101). Advanced students will complete the same core lecture material as students in IMMU3102 but carry out advanced level practical work and a series of specialized seminar based tutorial classes.

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3 lectures, 1 special seminar/tutorial (2 hours), 1 practical (4 hours) every 2 weeks.


Formal examination (one 2 hour exam) and Progressive assessment including written, practical and oral based assessments (100%).


Textbooks Abbas, AK, Lichtman, AH and Pillai, S. Cellular and Molecular Immunology 8th edition. 2015. Elsevier.

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Unit of study rules


[(A mark of 75 in IMMU2101) and (6 credit points of BCHM2XXX or BIOL2XXX or MICR2XXX or MBLG2XXX or PCOL2XXX or PHSI2XXX)] OR [BMED2401 and (a mark of 75 in BMED2404) and (6 additional credit points of BMED240X)]


IMMU3002 or IMMU3102 or BMED3003 

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The completion of 6 credit points of MBLG units of study is highly recommended. Concurrent study of IMMU3903 Immunology in Human Disease (Advanced) is very strongly recommended.

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