Data Structures (INFO1105)


The unit will teach some powerful ideas that are central to quality software: data abstraction and recursion. It will also show how one can analyse the scalability of algorithms using mathematical tools of asymptotic notation. Contents include: both external "interface" view, and internal "implementation" details, for commonly used data structures, including lists, stacks, queues, priority queues, search trees, hash tables, and graphs; asymptotic analysis of algorithm scalability, including use of recurrence relations to analyse recursive code. This unit covers the way information is represented in each structure, algorithms for manipulating the structure, and analysis of asymptotic complexity of the operations. Outcomes include: ability to write code that recursively performs an operation on a data structure; experience designing an algorithmic solution to a problem using appropriate data structures, coding the solution, and analysing its complexity.

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INFO1103 or INFO1903



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