Introduction to IT Security (INFO2315)


This unit provides a broad introduction to the field of IT security. We examine secure and insecure programs, secure and insecure information, secure and insecure computers, and secure and insecure network infrastructure. Key content includes the main threats to security; how to analyse risks; the role in reducing risk that can be played by technical tools (such as encryption, signatures, access control, firewalls, etc); the limitations of technical defences; and the simple process and behavioural changes that can reduce risk.

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In order to enter this unit, students should have at least one semester of tertiary study of IT. In particular, we assume familiarity with the value of information, and with the varied uses of IT in business and personal activities. We also assume an introductory level of skill in using a computer (for example, creating and moving files and folders, downloading and installing files, etc). The assumed background would be achieved by completing INFO1003 Foundations of IT. We also assume previous instruction in verbal presentations and teamwork.

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