Database Systems 1 (Advanced) (INFO2820)


The ubiquitous use of information technology comes with immense amounts of data produced by users, IT systems and mobile devices. The proper management of data is essential for all applications, especially new ones that want to make intelligent use of the data, and for effective decision making within organisations.
This unit of study is an advanced alternative to INFO2120 that will introduce the basic concepts of database designs at the conceptual, logical and physical levels. Particular emphasis will be placed on introducing integrity constraints and the concept of data normalization which prevents data from being corrupted or duplicated in different parts of the database. This in turn helps in the data remaining consistent during its lifetime. Once a database design is in place, the emphasis shifts towards querying the data in order to extract useful information. The unit will introduce different query languages with a particular emphasis on SQL and, in INFO2820, querying graph and hierarchical data. Other topics covered will include recursive SQL, graphs in databases, NoSQL databases, transaction management, application development with a backend database, an overview of data warehousing and OLAP, and the use of XML as a data integration language.

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Lectures, Laboratories, Project Work - own time


Through semester assessment (50%) and Final Exam (50%)

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Distinction-level result in INFO1003 or INFO1103 or INFO1903 or INFO1105 or INFO1905 or DECO1012.


INFO2905, COMP5138, INFO2120

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