Database Systems 2 (INFO3404)


This unit of study provides a comprehensive overview of the internal mechanisms and algorithms of Database Management Systems (DBMS) and other systems that manage large data collections. These skills are needed for successful performance tuning and to understand the scalability challenges faced by the information age. This unit builds upon the second-year INFO2120 "Database Systems 1" and correspondingly assumes a sound understanding of SQL, schema design and transactional programs.
The first part of this subject focuses on mechanisms for large-scale data management. It provides a deep understanding of the internal components of a database engine. Topics include: physical data organization and disk-based index structures, query processing and optimisation, locking and logging, and database tuning.
The second part focuses on the large-scale management of textual data such as by an information retrieval system or with web search engines. Topics include: distributed and replicated databases, information retrieval, document management, text index structures, and web-scale data processing.
The unit will be of interest to students seeking an introduction to database tuning, disk-based data structures and algorithms, and information retrieval. It will be valuable to those pursuing such careers as Software Engineers, Database Experts, Database Administrators, and e-Business Consultants.

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This unit of study assumes that students have previous knowledge of database concepts including (1) ER modelling, (2) the relational data model and (3) SQL. The prerequisite material is covered in INFO 2120/2820. Familiarity with a programming language (e.g. Java or C) is also expected.



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