Understanding IT Innovations (INFO5992)


An essential skill for an IT manager is the ability to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies, and be able to evaluate the significance of these technologies to their organisation's business activities. This unit of study is based around a study of current technologies and the influence of these technologies on business strategies.
Important trends in innovation in IT are identified and their implications for innovation management explored. Major topics include: drivers of innovation; the trend to open information ("open source") rather than protected intellectual property; and distribution of innovation over many independent but collaborating actors.
On completion of this unit, students will be able to identify and analyse an emerging technology and write a detailed evaluation of the impact of this technology on existing business practices.

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INFO5990. Students are expected to be fluent in English and capable of participating in group discussions, and capable of producing an individually written paper of 5-9 pages (double spaced) of high quality and clarity. Although some work experience is ideal in adding value to the case discussions, allowing students to pull from their personal experiences, those students with no work experience will be expected to do appropriate research on the discussion topics in order to contribute.



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