Managing Digital Innovation Projects (INFS3060)


The unit serves as a capstone for the extended (8 unit) Business Information Systems (BIS) major and is structured around a semester long business innovation project. This project will consolidate and extend your knowledge and skills for the critical analysis of business problems in an organisation and for the creative design of practical, technology-enabled business innovations to address these problems. The project will allow you to demonstrate your ability to critically apply and synthesise BIS tools, methods, models and frameworks with business analysis, communication and research skills. On successful completion of the unit, the project deliverables will represent a portfolio of each student's capabilities to contribute to business innovation projects in their future employment. The assessment activities in this unit assume you have successfully completed BIS units describing and utilising the following formal methods, knowledge and skills. BIS tools and methods include a system approach to problem solving, systems analysis, business process modelling, data modelling and information audits. Models and frameworks include professional codes of conduct, industry standards (project management, change management and governance) and best practices (e.g. COBIT). Business skills include capabilities for: investigation and analysis; gathering information from physical, electronic and inter-personal (e.g. interviewing) sources; contributing to innovation projects as an individual and in a team; and cross-cultural business communications in written, verbal and visual forms.

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1x 3hr seminar per week


group project (40%) and individual project (60%)

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Assumed knowledge: INFS1000, INFS2001 and INFS2020



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