Technology Enabled Business Innovation (INFS6016)


This unit develops knowledge and skills in innovative, technology-enabled business models and strategies from a management perspective. The unit facilitates a better understanding and application of the concepts, strategies, tools and technologies necessary for undertaking business innovation. From basic knowledge of business models and essential business processes, this unit increases awareness and understanding of stakeholders, their capabilities and their limitations in the strategic convergence of technology and business. It provides insights into the technology and infrastructure required to support commerce in the 21st Century and supports development of student capabilities to analyse, develop and evaluate innovative technology-enabled business strategies and models.

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1 x 3hr seminar per week


individual project proposal (10%), group project report (45%), group project presentation (5%), final exam (40%)

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Assumed knowledge

INFS6004 and; Understanding the major functions of a business and how those business functions interact internally and externally so the company can be competitive in the market is essential in order to critically analyse how and where a business can be innovative. Some knowledge of how technology can be applied in a business is also essential. Experience as a member of a project team is desirable.

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