Transnational Spaces and Networks (INGS2601)


In this unit you will examine language, culture and communication as perspectives from which the characteristic tension of globalisation between difference and connection can be understood. We consider the relationship between a transnational public sphere and the politics of place and space, revealed, among other things, in area and diaspora studies. We ask: who are "global actors" and how, through their (self) representations, do they shape this relationship?

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1x1hr lecture/week, 2x1hr tutorials/week


1xjoint Oral Presentation (equivalent to 1200wds) (25%), 1000wd written report (25%), 1x2300wd Take-home exam (40%), Tutorial participation (10%)

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INGS1001 and INGS1002

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This unit is available only to students in the Bachelor of International and Global Studies

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