Virology and Cell Technology (INIM5002)


This unit aims to equip graduates with an in-depth knowledge of medical virology and cell technology that will enable them to work effectively as laboratory personnel in relevant hospital laboratories, clinics or research institutions. Students will develop skills in evaluation of scientific literature, in problem-solving and in scientific communication that will enable them to develop careers as administrators or policy-makers in hospitals, health care organisations or government bodies. The core of the program is a series of lectures, given face-to-face and/or available online. Practical classes will focus on the identification of viruses and cell culture technology, and on techniques used in research investigations and will be conducted in an appropriately equipped student laboratory.

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2x1hr lectures/week; 1x4hr practical/tutorial class/week


1x2hr written examination based on lecture content (50%), 1x2hr theory of practical examination (15%) and progressive assessment (35%) including oral presentation and written assignment.


The following texts are good basic virology books and cover all the topics covered in lectures.
Basic Virology, Wagner, Hewlett, Bloom and Camerini, Blackwell Publishing, 3rd Ed, 2008
Introduction to Modern Virology, N.J Dimmock, A.J, Easton and K.N Leppard, Blackwell Publishing, 6th Ed
Principles of Molecular Virology, Alan J. Cann, Elsevier, 4th Ed, 2005.
The following two texts are more detailed and are recommended as a resource only. Principles of Virology, Flint et al., ASM Press, 2nd Ed., 2000; Medical Virology, D.E. White and Frank J. Fenner, Academic Press, 4th Ed., 1994

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Undergraduate Microbiology or Infectious Diseases

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