Clinical Mycology and Parasitology (INIM5013)


This unit aims to equip graduates with an in-depth knowledge of medical mycology and parasitology that will enable them to work effectively as laboratory personnel in relevant hospital laboratories, clinics or research institutions. The course will allow students to develop skills in evaluation of scientific literature, in problem-solving and in scientific communication that will enable graduates to develop careers as administrators or policy-makers in hospitals, health care organizations or government bodies. The course structure involves lectures on diseases caused by fungal, protozoan and helminthic agents, laboratory classes on identification of fungal and parasitic infections, molecular typing techniques used to investigate potential disease outbreaks, techniques used in research investigations and specific tutorials (e.g. clinical cases, investigation of outbreaks of disease and prevention strategies). Seminars consisting of presentation of specified topics researched by individual students will also form part of the course. Specific lectures will be given by clinical and basic science specialists in the field.

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2x1.5 hr lectures/week, 3x2hr practical classes or tutorials or seminars/week


1x2hr written examination (55%), seminar presentation (15min) (15%), and laboratory practicalwork (30%)


Recommended reading: Medically Important Fungi - A guide to Identification Larone DH 4th Edition ASM Press Washington DC 2002. Atlas of Clinical Fungi (hard copy) 2nd edition de Hoog et al. 2000 Centraalbueau voor Schimmelcultures, Utrecht The Netherlands, or online version (4th edition) at Human Pathogenic Fungi. Sullivan DJ & Moran GP 2014 Caister Academic Press , Norfolk, UK ISBN 978-1-908230-44-7 Clinical Parasitology: A handbook for medical practitioners and microbiologists. Sheorey H et al. University Press Carlton Vic, 2000. Diagnostic Medical Parasitology Garcia L. 4th Edition ASM Press 2001. Foundations of Parasitology 9th Edition Schmidt GD & Roberts LS, Mc Graw Hill 2013

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