Supply Chain Planning and Design (ITLS6002)


Successful supply chain management relies upon informed decision making. This unit explores a range of important decisions, and equips students with a toolkit of models and analytical methods that can assist in making informed decisions. The first set of decisions concern supply chain design and strategy, and includes network design and facility location. These decisions provide structure to the supply chain, set the boundaries within which planning decisions will be made, and impact on supply chain performance over the long term. In contrast, planning decisions provide value over the medium and short term. Here, this unit will cover aggregate planning, sales and operations planning, and inventory control. Special attention will be placed on how to handle uncertainty and risk within the supply chain.

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6 x 3.5 hr lectures, 6 x 3.5 hr computer labs.


2x computer exams (40%), assignments (40%), final exam (20%)


Magal SR and Word J (2012) Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems

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ITLS5200 or TPTM6495




ITLS5000 or TPTM6495

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Students who can demonstrate prior knowledge of quantitative analysis (in particular mathematical knowledge and MS Excel solver proficiency) may apply to waive the prerequisite requirement for this unit of study; students should send an email outlining their knowledge of quantitative analysis to:

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