Supply Chain Visibility (ITLS6004)


Companies increasingly work with multiple partners in globally distributed supply chains. To create agile and responsive supply chains, it is essential for companies to have timely visibility of information in relation to products within their own warehouses as well as the movement of raw materials and finished goods across the supply chain from source to the end consumer. To improve business-to-business visibility, information from a wide range of sources and business processes must be gathered and shared amongst a number of supply chain partners. This continues to be a challenge for many businesses. This unit examines the role of evolving technologies and the global GS1 standards in enabling warehouse and supply chain visibility. Case studies, SAP and other software packages as well as an industry--led workshop and certificate component are used to create a practical learning environment.

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13 x 3 hr lectures/workshops.


individual report (30%), group presentation (20%), final exam (50%)

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ITLS5000 or TPTM5001

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