Sustainable Transport Policy (ITLS6103)


Transport policy decisions shape contemporary life around the world and the connections between transport and land use are instrumental in designing effective policy in this domain. The unit provides an introduction to the context for policy making, how decisions are made, relationships with short- and long-term strategic planning, and how policy has become intertwined with broader sustainability concerns. The unit will then develop the student¿s ability to assess contemporary issues in sustainable transport policy such as liveable environments, climate change, the role of the built environment in sustainable cities, social inclusion, parking policy, human health and safety, active travel, the challenges of low density transport, the regulation of public transport, fare policies for public transport and other contemporary issues. Each issue will consider the problem and assess the success of existing policy and/or the need for new policy and what this might look like. The unit is particularly suited to students with broad interest in transport, urban planning, and environmental/sustainability issues.

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10 x 3.5 hr lectures/tutorials, 1x full day field trip


3x individual assignments (65%), final exam (35%)


van Wee B. and Banister D. (ed.s) (2013) The Transport System and Transport Policy, An Introduction (ISBN: 978 1 78195 204 7);
Bleimer M.C.J., Mulley C. and Moutou C.J. (ed.s) (2016) Handbook on Transport and Urban Planning in the Developed World, Edward Elgar

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