Management and Operation of Railways (ITLS6108)


This unit builds on the increasing interest in railways of recent years as a transport solution for both passengers and freight. Against a background of an increase in the rail modal share in many markets, this unit examines the issues of capacity, efficiency and self-sufficiency of rail in modern economies. The emerging problems of inadequate capacity and financial self-sufficiency require a good understanding of what solutions are available and why and where these solutions might be appropriate. This unit selects key issues to provide an in depth examination of concepts of railway management and operations to provide knowledge and skills in planning, policy and management areas that are central to the success of this industry. The unit focuses on how these skills can be applied in practical situations, and provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding through a range of practical exercises. A field trip exposes students to management and operational issues and the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of concepts introduced in the unit.

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6 x 3.5 hour lectures, 5 x 3.5 hour workshop, 1 x 3.5 hour field trip. Refer to timetable for full details.


Generalised cost exercise (25%), public transport network modelling exercise (25%), group project presentation: business plan (20%), group project report: business plan (30%)


Hirsch R (ed) (2007) Managing Railway Operations and Maintenance: Best Practices from KCRC Wolmar C (1996) The Great British Railway Disaster Fowkes T and Nash CA (eds) (1991) Analysing Demand for Rail Travel Transport Planning & Technology, Volume 30, Is

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