Transport and Infrastructure Systems (ITLS6190)


This unit covers advanced concepts related to all aspects of transport and infrastructure analysis, policy, and decision making, covering facets related to maritime and aviation transport, urban public and private transport, and transport planning and design. The unit is based on case studies in transport and infrastructure. The case studies will be used as a basis for a formal procedure of requests for qualifications, requests for proposals, preparation of written and oral proposals, undertaking of a case study with interim written report, and written and oral final reports.

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4 x 3.5 hr lectures, 4 x 3.5 hr workshops, 4 x 3.5 hr tutorials.


Individual proposal (20%), individual presentation (10%), individual report (60%), group peer review (10%)


Stopher PR and Stanley J (2014) Urban Transport: A Public Policy View

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ITLS5100 or TPTM6241




(ITLS5200 or TPTM6495) and (ITLS6101 or TPTM6440) and (ITLS6102 or TPTM6350) and ITLS6103 and (ITLS6100 or TPTM6130 or ITLS6106)

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This is the capstone unit for the Master of Transport Management and should be completed in the last period of study.

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