Research Case Study II (ITLS6901)


This unit provides the opportunity for coursework students who have successfully completed the Research Case Study I unit to investigate an additional topic in the transport/logistics/infrastructure field or to further their existing research into a particular topic. The unit involves a semester long research project, on a single transport, logistics or infrastructure topic. The topic may either be selected from a list proposed by the academic staff at ITLS, or negotiated with a staff member, based on the students personal or professional interests. The research can take a number of forms. An existing research finding or methodology may be refined or investigated in a different context. Academically strong and ambitious students may seek to obtain more original results. Another alternative is a critical investigation of a case study, or a critical comparison of a range of approaches to a problem, that are either implemented in industry or proposed in academia. Through this unit, students will develop skills in critical thinking, independence of thought and action, and management of a complex, uncertain project. The unit is ideally suited to the strong student who is seeking a competitive edge over others within their profession, or to students who may be interested in future, research based study.

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This unit is research based, there is 1 x 3.5 hr introductory lecture


individual proposal (15%), individual presentation (20%), individual report (65%)

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ITLS6900 or ITLS6300

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This unit is research based, there is 1 x 3.5 hr introductory lecture

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