Jazz Music Skills 1 (JAZZ1621)


Harmony and Arranging Module: Students review clefs, key signatures, note values, dynamics, articulation, and learn copying and rehearsal techniques. In addition, instruction will include the ranges of and transpositions for the various instruments, chord symbols, scale-chord relationships, and rhythm section scoring. This unit deals with the study of the harmony of standard jazz repertoire. Students learn to understand and use basic harmonic rules and the typical harmonic devices, diatonic progression and chord patterns which are learned with a view to generating a creative sense of jazz harmony and the ability to write small combo arrangements. The harmonic techniques explored in this unit of study are used as the theoretical basis for Jazz improvisation. Students may be organised into ensemble-like groups and may be expected to bring their instruments to perform the works presented. Aural Module: Offers a systematic study of all simple intervals up to and including one octave, triadic harmony, four note chords in closed position and voice leading within these concepts, focusing on common harmonic movements that occur in the jazz repertoire. N.B Both the Harmony and Aural Modules must be passed in order for the student to proceed to Jazz Music Skills 2.

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2 x 2 hr tuts/week


Harmony and Arranging Module: Written harmony/arranging test (30%), approved number of assignments and arrangements (70%) Aural Module: Two tests (2x20%), one 2 hour exam (60%)


Lindsay, Gary (2005) "Jazz Arranging Techniques from Quartet to Big Band"

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JAZZ1601 or JAZZ1631

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