Jazz History 4 (JAZZ2019)


Jazz History 4 provides the student with a practical understanding of the Jazz styles developed, played and composed from the early 1960s onwards and the historical context in which it was created.
The classes will be structured around the use of sound recordings and by practical application. Students will be expected to be able to recognise, write about and discuss the major musical contributors of this period and their music, the cultural and socio-economic influences upon and of this music. Aural examinations will be of the 'Blindfold Test' variety. Students will transcribe notable performances from recordings and will direct ensemble performances of these. A recommended listening list, reading list and audio examples will be provided.

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2hr lec/wk


In-class Presentation (30%); Transcription/Performance (30%); Listening Exam (40%)

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Non Jazz Majors need to seek departmental approval in order to enrol.

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