Rhythm Awareness/Analysis (JAZZ3301)


This unit of study is an elective course in rhythm that introduces students to a broad range of material, including case studies of influential local and international approaches to rhythm construction, and overviews of various rhythmic traditions from Asia, Latin America, the USA, Africa, and India. Without doubt, rhythm has become the primary organisational tool in contemporary jazz performance, with many of the world's most influential jazz artists now employing complex rhythmic structures, odd-time signatures, odd-rhythmic groupings, metric modulations, as well as rhythmic models from traditional music styles, as basic structural frameworks and improvisational prompts.

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12 x 2 hour lectures


Class assessment 1 (20%); Class assessment 2 (20%); Rhythmic analysis (40%); Class assessment 3 (20%).

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Non-Jazz Students may take this unit after completion of their Principal Study 4 with the approval of the Chair of Jazz or Unit Co-Ordinator.

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