Jazz Performance 7 (Extended) (JAZZ4207)


In this unit of study students will further develop exemplary skills and understanding in jazz improvisation, and a further increased level of instrumental skill to facilitate its performance. Students will become acquainted with more complex suitable and essential jazz repertoire, the study of which will be informed by acquiring a detailed knowledge of chord/scale relationships, and of how the harmonic structures that are commonplace in jazz repertoire function. The increasingly complex nature of the repertoire covered will allow the student to become familiar with the widest possible range of musical nuances. At the conclusion of this unit of study students will be able to demonstrate an ability to solo over a diverse set of repertoire tunes, including the ability to perform guide tone lines where appropriate; demonstrate a thorough knowledge of fourth year repertoire list as covered in improvisation classes and principal study lessons, as well as retaining by memory the core songs from the first and second and third year lists and demonstrate an increased level of understanding and mastery of more advanced performance issues.

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13 one to one lessons/semester, Jazz Performance Workshop or unit specific classes, 2 hour Improvisation class and sectional tutorial/week


Individual tuition/technical requirements (50%), Improvisation class component (50%). Students must pass both assessed components.

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

JAZZ3206 or JAZZ3606


JAZZ4707, JAZZ4607

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