Unravelling the Arab - Israeli Conflict (JCTC3601)


This course examines the Arab-Israeli conflict from its early twentieth century origins to the present day. We analyse the conflict's origins, the British Mandate, the Arab-Israeli wars; peace process from Camp David to Oslo, the reasons for its failure, and present prospects for peace. You will be encouraged to understand the complexity of this conflict on three levels: the local, between Israel and the Palestinians, the regional, between Israel and the Arab World; and the international, involving the global players.

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1x2hr lecture/week, 1x1hr tutorial/week


1x500wd proposal/annotated bibliography (10%), 1x3000wd Research essay (60%), 1x1000wd test (30%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

12 Senior credit points of one of the following (Jewish Civilisation,Thought and Culture; or History; or Ancient History; or Government and International Relations)


JCTC2008 or GOVT2702 or HSTY2607 or ARIS2674 or JCTC2608

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