Japanese Media and Popular Culture (JPNS2672)


This unit aims to explore the new Japan and its youth cultures and to guide students to understand and broaden their knowledge of changing aspects of Japanese culture and society. Topics from Japanese traditions through to contemporary popular culture will be analysed. Learning activities include reading media texts (e.g. newspaper articles), video analysis, discussion, research and video conferences. The unit also provides students with opportunities to pursue their interests and develop cultural knowledge and communication skills.

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1x2hr seminar/week


2xclass quizzes (equivalent to 1000wds each) (34%), 1xresearch based project (equivalent to 2500wds) (41%), 1x1.5hr exam (25%)

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JPNS1124 or JPNS2222 or JPNS2612


JPNS3106 or JPNS2301 or JPNS3621 or JPNS3301 or JPNS3631

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