Education Theories (KCDE2103)


This unit of study provides students with the opportunity to recognise, analyse and assess various learning theories, and consider the relevance of these theories for classroom practice. The unit explores theories formulated by Piaget, Vygotsky, Skinner, Bandura, Rogers, Maslow and others. Constructivist, behaviourist, humanist and social cognitive theories all have implications for teachers, and have informed teaching approaches in use in schools today. The unit of study also traces the history and development of Indigenous pedagogies and 'both-ways' education theory, and examines the notion of Aboriginal learning styles. Students will be encouraged to reflect on their role as Indigenous educators in implementing and adapting such teaching and learning theories in schools.

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reading task (10%) and quiz (1x10%) and quiz (2x20%) and essay (40%)

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Available only to students enrolled in the Diploma in Education (Aboriginal)

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