Early Modern History: 1500 to 1800 (KCDE2205)


This unit of study incorporates an overview of early modern Europe while offering a focus on early modern England and introduces students to a range of important themes and issues. It considers contemporary views of order and hierarchy and examines the meaning of age, gender and the nature of the family. It explores the meaning of social issues of disorder and examines the underlying social tensions, the occurrence of crime and the social and economic circumstances that often underpinned social tensions. Through a comprehensive survey of the early modern period from c1500 to 1800, it enables students to critically evaluate and interpret major transformations in the social, economic and gender contexts of the medieval period and early modern society to the modern age. It provides the analytical tools with which to comprehend change and continuity and it enables students to understand the development of society and culture over a broad temporal domain.

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review (10%) and short essay (20%) and quiz (2 x 20%) and essay plan (10%) and research essay (40%)

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Available only to students enrolled in the Diploma in Education (Aboriginal)

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