Teaching Aboriginal Languages (KCSE3202)


Australian Aboriginal languages have been spoken and learned for millennia. Despite devastating losses from the effects of invasion, many have survived into the present and others that fell out of use are now being revitalised. Since the implementation of the NSW Aboriginal Languages K-10 syllabus in 2005 there has been a substantial increase in programs in schools in this state and this shows every sign of continued growth. This unit aims to equip graduates with sufficient practical understanding of the syllabus and the field of languages education that they might support initiatives in their schools or consider adding languages as a teaching subject in their professional future. Note that students will not be assessed on their ability to speak a specific language as part of this unit.

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language survey (20%) and unit of work (35%) and microteaching (15%) and teaching resources (30%)

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Available to students who have completed the Diploma in Education (Aboriginal) or equivalent.

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