Civil and Criminal Procedure (LAWS5003)


This unit of study aims to introduce students to civil and criminal procedure. It is concerned with the procedures relating to civil dispute resolution and criminal justice which are separate to the substantive hearing. The unit will consider the features of an adversarial system of justice and its impact on process. Recent reforms to the adversarial system of litigation will be explored. The civil dispute resolution part of the unit will cover alternative dispute resolution, the procedures for commencing a civil action, case management, gathering evidence and the rules of privilege. Criminal process will be explored by reference to crime and society, police powers, bail and sentencing. The course focuses on practical examples with consideration of ethics, and contextual and theoretical perspectives.

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Daytime stream: 1 x 2hr lecture and 1 x 2hr tutorial /weekk for 10 weeks. Evening stream: 1x3hr seminar/wk for 13 weeks.


2 x class participation (20%) and 1 x interim essay (20%) and 1x 2hr final open-book exam (60%)

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LAWS1001 or LAWS1007 or LAWS1014 or LAWS2006 or LAWS3002 or LAWS3004

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