Commercial Land Law (LAWS5117)


In terms of content, this unit aims to explore in greater depth some important aspects of the law of real property which the compulsory Real Property unit does not cover. The topics which will be covered will be: leases (including covenants of leases, assignments of leases, remedies of landlords, relief against forfeiture and subleases); possessory title; mortgages (with special attention on the rights and remedies of the mortgagor and mortgagee; reverse mortgages); options and if time permits strata and community titles. Students who wish to practise in the area of property law are encourage to consider studying this unit, because the matters covered are indispensable for a career in property law. From a pedagogical perspective, the assessment is structured to improve the oral, research and problem-solving skills of students. There will be a problem-solving session at the end of the course. The classroom-style is structured to encourage students to participate in discussion and to learn collaboratively.

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2x2hr seminar/week for 10 weeks


Structured class presentation (20%) and 2000wd research essay (30%) and 1hr (30 mins reading time) open book exam (50%). NB Assessment subject to change and dependent on enrolment numbers.

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LAWS2007 or LAWS2017 or LAWS5012



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