Japanese Law (LAWS5144)


This unit aims to develop the general skills of comparative lawyers, to effectively and critically assess contemporary developments in the legal system of the largest economy in our region. The unit is taught intensively in Japan after an introductory class in Sydney. The first week in Kyoto provides an introduction to how law operates generally in Japanese society. After an overview of comparative law techniques, Japanese legal history and its contemporary legal system, classes explore civil and criminal justice, politics and constitutionalism, government and law, gender and law, lawyers and the courts in Japan as well as consumers and law. The two days in Tokyo examine business law topics in socio-economic context in more detail, after an introduction to the Japanese economy and international trade policy. Topics include dispute resolution, investment and finance law, labour law and corporate governance.

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Held as an intensive in February in Kyoto and Tokyo. Introduction class held in Sydney prior to departure. Includes field trips such as study tour to Osaka.


Two 750wd reflective notes (20%) and 4500wd research essay (80%)

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LAWS3076 or LAWS3444

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Applications for the offshore intensive unit are by seperate application to Sydney Law School.

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