Independent Research Project (LAWS5360)


The goal of this unit of study is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue independent research in an area of their choosing. The project must involve a new piece of research. Material which has been submitted for assessment in any other unit of study may not form part of the project. Before enrolling in this unit of study, the student must formulate in writing the topic of the research project and a statement of methodology. The topic of the research project and the methodology must be approved in writing by a member of the teaching staff who agrees to act as supervisor and to be responsible for assessment of the research project. This approval will not be given if the topic of the research project falls within the scope of another unit of study being offered in the same semester. Students must have a WAM of 70% or higher to be eligible to enrol in this unit.

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7,500wd research paper

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LAWS3031 or LAWS3115 or LAWS3030 or LAWS3260 or LAWS5315 or LAWS5330 or LAWS5331

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Enrolment in this unit of study is by special application and is restricted to students in their final year of study who meet the relevant academic criteria.

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