Chinese Laws and Chinese Legal Systems (LAWS5368)


This unit will provide students with an overall picture of the modern Chinese legal system. It will develop a perception of its unique character by tracing its role through major social epochs and the role of law in a socialist market economy. It will examine the concept of law as a political function and the implementation of law, not so much through courts, as through administrative fiats and authority, making law essentially a function of politics and administration. The unit will illustrate these perceptions through the study of various legal regimes. Lecture topics may include: Chinese legal history; Chinese legal system; Criminal law and procedure; Constitutional law; civil law and procedure; legal profession; administrative law; contract law; property law; company law; intellectual property law; environmental Law; foreign joint ventures; arbitration and mediation; foreign trade law and taxation law.

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China: Intensive mode (3 weeks). Teaching takes place in November/December in Shanghai as part of the Shanghai Winter School. Sydney: 2x2hr seminars/wk for 10 weeks


China: 2hr exam to be completed in Shanghai (100%). Sydney: 3000wd optional essay (50%) and 1hr exam (50%) or 2hr exam (100%).

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LAWS3014 or LAWS3068

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Enrolment in the Shanghai Winter School is by seperate application to the Law School.

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