Advanced Employment Law (LAWS6013)


This unit of study is designed especially for candidates in the MLLR program. The unit examines the regulation of the individual employment relationship. The unit builds on the introduction to this topic in the foundation LAWS6071 Labour Law unit, by examining in closer detail the formation, construction and interpretation of employment contracts (including incorporation of policies and other documents, and exercise of contractual discretions); duties of employers and employees in contract; termination of employment contracts; and post-employment obligations (including restraints of trade). Students will examine decisions of courts and tribunals in detail.

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Intro Class: Jul 25 (6-8) then Aug 11, 12 & 25, 26 (9-5)


Options: (i) class participation (20%) and 6000wd essay (80%) or (ii) class participation (20%) and 2 x 3000wd problem assignments (40% each) or (iii) class participation (20%) and 3000wd problem assignment (40%) and 3000wd essay (40%)

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Assumed knowledge

LAWS6252 or a law degree and LAWS6071

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