Corporate Taxation (LAWS6030)


The unit consists of a detailed examination of the tax rules applied to companies and shareholders in a domestic setting in Australia. The goals of the unit are to develop an understanding of the policies, detailed rules and current practical problems involved in the taxation of companies and shareholders and to explore why different solutions are used for these entities when compared to partnerships and trusts. Upon successful completion of this unit, a student should have an advanced understanding of the policies underlying Australia's corporate tax system, as well as a detailed knowledge of the technical detail involved in the rules for the taxation of companies and their shareholders in Australia. Topics to be covered include: the policy and problems of taxing companies and shareholders; taxation of company distributions and dealings with interests in companies, including liquidations and share repurchases; imputation, including dividends passing through partnerships and trusts and intercorporate dividends; debt equity classification; shareholder rules; dividend and capital streaming and stripping; and value shifting.

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1x2-hr lecture/week. Session S1C available to students attending classes at Sydney Law School campus. Sessions S1CRA (Sydney group) and S1CIMR (regional group) available to students enrolled in the Deloitte Taxation Training Program only.


classwork (30%) and 2hr exam or 7000wd essay (70%)

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