Environmental Law and Policy (LAWS6044)


The aim of the unit is to introduce students to overarching themes in environmental law and policy as a foundation to their more detailed studies for the Environmental Law Program. This is an overview unit addressing a number of environmental issues at various levels of analysis; such as policy making, implementation of policy and dispute resolution. The concept of ecologically sustainable development and its implications for environmental law and policy is a continuing theme. The unit is designed to develop multi-dimensional thinking about environmental issues and the strategies needed to address them. The unit provides a broad background of the political and economic issues in so far as they are related to the legal issues involved.

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Group A (S1CIMR): Mar 15-18 (9-5)


2000wd essay (25%) and assignment (75%)

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Assumed knowledge

LAWS6252 or law degree from a common law jurisdiction


LAWS3430 or LAWS5130

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Environmental Law students must complete LAWS6252 and this core unit prior to enrolling in other law elective units.

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