Taxation of Partnerships and Trusts (LAWS6118)


The objective of this unit is to examine the policy and practical issues that arise in Australia by virtue of the rules for the taxation of income derived through unincorporated entities. The focus is on partnerships, corporate limited partnerships, trusts, unit trusts, deceased estates, corporate unit trusts and public trading trusts. The goals of the unit are to develop a detailed understanding of the policies, technical rules and practical problems involved in the taxation of these arrangements. Upon successful completion of this unit, students should have an advanced understanding of the technical rules underlying the taxation of partnerships and trusts in a variety of forms and in a variety of commercial situations. The unit covers: problems of taxing entities, partnerships and trusts contrasted with companies; classification of entities for tax purposes; taxation of partners; taxation of trusts other than unit trusts and their beneficiaries; taxation of unit trusts and their beneficiaries; taxation of limited partnerships, income splitting and assignment involving partnerships and trusts.

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Sep 7-9 & 12-13 (9-3.30)


in-class assessment (30%) and 2hr exam (70%)

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