Internatl Fin Transactions: Law and Prac (LAWS6138)


International financial markets are front page news. From GFC litigation to the sovereign debt crises, the hedge funds and rating agencies, there is no escape. This unit has a profoundly practical perspective, yet also addresses regulatory reform in an international context, and how it relates to the markets. Key pillars of the unit include lending, capital markets and the derivative markets. Within each pillar specific financial products are analysed, both from a legal and structuring perspective. We look at lending and how to negotiate a term sheet. Securitisation and covered bonds are topics of discussion in the capital market sphere. We will also look at the international reform of the derivatives market and its impact on documentation. Insight is given into credit derivatives. Investor litigation is also a prominent feature of the unit. Guest lecturers from the industry present to provide a broad perspective. Case studies and a negotiation session are included as well, making this a both challenging and exciting unit. No prior experience in the financial markets is required.

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Mar 16, 17 & 20, 21 (9-4)


class participation (10%) and 8000wd essay (90%)

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