Biodiversity Law (LAWS6165)


The unit takes an interdisciplinary approach to the conservation of biodiversity. Key concepts in ecology are explained to provide a foundation for the legal framework. This framework is examined at international, national, and state levels, in terms of conventions and legislation, as well as policy and organisations. The legal framework is explored both by analysing the proper purpose, scope and effect of the laws, as well as how they work in practice. The latter is achieved by lectures and field exercises assisted by officers of government agencies, including State Forests, the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources. An integral component of the unit is a field trip to areas of relevance to biodiversity conservation, focusing on northern New South Wales. Areas to be studied include habitats of threatened species and ecological communities and World Heritage areas listed under the relevant Commonwealth and State legislation. Field studies provide a unique opportunity to understand how principles of international and domestic law are implemented locally. The field trip component will be arranged in conjunction with the field trip for LAWS6055 Heritage Law (if offered). Students are encouraged to take both units of study; they are designed to complement each other closely.

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Apr 14-16 (classes held at the Law School) & Apr 22-25 (field trip)


8000wd essay (100%)


field trip manual will be prepared and distributed

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field trip

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