Capital Gains Tax (LAWS6169)


Most matters handled by legal and accounting professionals have Capital Gains Tax ("CGT") implications - ranging from a simple conveyance or will, to a real estate development or litigation settlement. CGT is a major issue for all taxpayers and their advisors because the pervasive reach of the CGT provisions means that even straightforward commercial and domestic transactions often give rise to complex CGT issues. This unit examines the basic structure and core concepts of the CGT, and the specialist provisions that apply in a range of commercial and non-commercial contexts, such as the formation and sale of a business, conveyancing and property development, commercial and family litigation, and the settlement and administration of trusts.

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May 10-12 & 15, 16 (9-3.30)


in-class assessment (30%) and 2hr exam (70%)

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It is assumed that students undertaking this unit have an understanding of Australian income taxation law commensurate with that which would be obtained from completing undergraduate study in Australian taxation law or five years working with Australian tax law in a law or accounting practice in an industry role or in the Australian Taxation Office. For students who do not have such knowledge or work experience they first should undertake LAWS6825 Introduction to Australian Business Tax before enrolling in this unit.

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