Consumer Contracts and Product Defects (LAWS6227)


This unit examines recent developments granting special legal protection to consumers, from historical, comparative, policy and practical perspectives. It focuses on aspects of the liability of suppliers of goods and services to consumers, sometimes called 'post-sale' consumer protection. The unit assesses the effectiveness of recent legislation in this field, comparing relevant European Community directives and related developments in the Asia-Pacific (eg Japan, New Zealand and the US). The topics to be covered are: Introduction (the 'consumer' concept and some policy factors leading to consumer protection developments); Outline of terms implied in contracts for the supply of goods and services to consumers; Judicial and legislative control of exclusion clauses; Unconscionable and unfair contracts (control under the general law and by statute); The liability of manufacturers for defective products under: the general law; statutory liability of manufacturers to consumers and strict products liability (under the Australian Consumer Law, with special reference to the similar EC directive on products liability); Product safety regulation (also with reference to the EC directive on general consumer product safety); Consumer access to redress (especially class actions).

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May 2, 3 & 10, 12 (9-5)


3500wd essay (40%) and take-home exam (60%)


Justin Malbon and Luke Nottage (eds) Consumer Law and Policy in Australia and New Zealand (Sydney, Federation Press, 2013)

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LAWS6025, LAWS6024

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