Corporate Innovation and Regulation (LAWS6318)


This unit will cover the recent and dramatic changes in the operation and regulation of multinational corporations. Both private and regulatory innovations have made corporations simultaneously more efficient and potentially more dangerous. Initial topics include the modern theory of the firm and the role of financial innovation, derivatives, off-balance sheet transactions, accounting treatment, compensation, the aftermath of the recent financial crisis, and the role of credit ratings and credit rating agencies, as well as the major modern corporate abuses, frauds, and pyramid schemes. Then the course will turn to the increasing importance of politics in corporate governance, and a range of new global public law issues that have shifted the role of the corporation in society. The unit will conclude by covering the major policy issues confronting boards of directors and managers, with a particular focus on the tensions between shareholder value and various important stakeholder rights.

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Sep 21, 22 & 25, 26 (9-4)


general class participation and specialised seminar discussions (20%), written class quiz to be held on Day 4 (20%) and essay or exam (60%) (choice of research mode to be discussed with students)

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