Competition Law (LAWS6838)


The content of this unit of study will be the following topics: Economic Theory of Competition Law; the Concepts of competition, market definition, market power, substantial lessening of competition and public benefit; Section 4D Exclusionary Provisions; Part IV: Cartels - Civil and Criminal Prohibitions; Section 45 Contracts, Arrangements and Understandings; Section 46 Misuse of Market Power; Section 47 Exclusive Dealing; Section 48 Resale Price Maintenance; Section 50 Mergers; Part IIIA Access to Services; Part VI Remedies and Enforcement; Part VII Authorisations and Notifications. The intended outcomes for students who successfully complete this unit are that they will have a firm grasp of the operation of the competition law provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

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1x2-hr lecture/week


2900-3100wd essay (33.33%) and 2hr 30min open book exam (66.67%)


Corones, Stephen G: Competition Law in Australia (fifth ed 2010, LBC, Thomson Reuters); Miller, Russell V Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated (thirty-third ed, 2011, LBC, Thomson Reuters; Clarke, Philip, Corones, Stephen and Clarke Julie: Competition law and policy : cases and materials (3rd ed) OUP 2011

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undergraduate law degree or LAWS6252

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