Insurance Contract Law (LAWS6882)


The unit objectives are to identify and analyse the key legal concepts that govern the relationship between insurers and policyholders. The unit will examine the statutory and contractual principles applicable to insurance contracts, including: the principle of utmost good faith; the content and regulation of policy terms; the measure of indemnity; the rights of insurers following loss; the principles applicable to particular forms of policy (including life, property, liability, marine and reinsurance); and the role of intermediaries.

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Sep 13, 14 & 18, 19 (9-5)


2000wd case note (30%) and assignment or 6000wd essay (70%)


Ian Enright, Rob Merkin and Michael Kirby, Sutton's Law of Insurance in Australia, 4th ed 2014; Peter Mann, Annotated Insurance Contracts Act 1984, 6th ed 2014; Greg Pynt, Insurance Law, A First Primer, 3rd ed 2014

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undergraduate law degree or LAWS6991

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