Internatl and Comparative Criminal Justice (LAWS6896)


This unit explores the growing internationalisation of criminal justice through an examination of forms of transnational crime and international conflicts and the infrastructure that is being developed to regulate global insecurities and criminal harms. It will explore the development of various institutions in response to international crimes and their relation to international human rights and access to justice. It will consider the different paradigms of justice that inform diverse international developments, notably contrasts between retributive and restorative justice. The unit will explore tensions and conflicts between nation-state based criminal justice and international norms, processes and procedures for regulating crime. It will assess the extent to which a distinct international criminal justice order is being established, the nature of its jurisprudence and values and its implications.

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May 20, 21 & Jun 3, 4 (9-5)


class presentation (20%), essay (40%) and assignment (40%)

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LAWS6269 or LAWS6219

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