World Trade Organization-Dispute Resolut (LAWS6924)


The aims of this unit are to gain an understanding of the: fundamental principles of WTO law, including `favoured nation', tariff bindings and customs duties, subsidies and non-tariff barriers to trade; dispute resolution system and the findings of the panels and Appellate Body; evolving jurisprudence of the WTO on Article XX and environmental and health measures, labour law and human rights. The unit will include study of the: WTO Agreement and the Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Agreements. Agreements on Trade in Services, Technical Barriers to Trade, Trade Related Investment Measures, Anti-Dumping and TRIPS; special and differential treatment for developing country Members; role of WTO within the international legal system and implementation of national law; and enforcement of WTO decisions.

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Aug 14, 15 & 28, 29 (9-5)


take-home exam or essay (100%)


General References: M.Matsushita, Schoenbaum and Mavroides, The WTO: Law, Practice and Policy, OUP (2nd ed 2005); J. Jackson, The World Trading System,(2nd ed. 2002); G. Triggs, International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices 2006, Chapter 12 `World Trade Organisation'; Waincymer, WTO Litigation:Procedural Aspects of Formal Dispute Settlement, (2002) Cameron and May; Peter van den Bossche, The Law and Policy of the WTO: Texts, Cases and Materials, CUP (2nd ed 2006); Tambelin and Bastin: `Australia and the WTO Decision Enforcement', 81 ALJ 802; and Jackson, Davey and Sykes, Legal Problems of International Economic Relations, (4th ed).

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