Criminal Justice Internship (LAWS6986)


The Criminal Justice Internship provides an opportunity to experience the working environment of criminal justice agencies. Experience gained through placement with a relevant agency will be complemented by attendance at four intensive seminars. These seminars will provide opportunities to reflect on the role of the host agency, the policy context within which the host agency operates, the ethical challenges associated with the work of the agency and the specific skills and knowledge gained through the Internship. The Internship will be especially beneficial to those students with limited work experience or those pursuing or contemplating a career change.

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Mar 11 & May 27


2500wd reflective journal (30%), 2500wd organisational analysis (30%) and organisational task (40%)

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This unit is offered to students enrolled in the MCrim and GradDipCrim only. Interested applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (maximum two typed pages) clearly outlining reasons for applying, details of previous internships undertaken (where applicable), perceived benefits of completing the internship, preferred placement agency/agencies and steps that the applicant will undertake to organise a placement. Those applicants demonstrating the greatest interest in and perceived benefit from the Internship will be accepted. The Expression of Interest must be submitted to Dr Garner Clancey by 20 Nov 2016. Successful applicants will be formally notified of the outcome of the Expression of Interest and enrolment procedures explained no later than 30 Nov 2016. Successful applicants will then work with Dr Clancey to arrange placement at preferred host organisations. Please note that placement may be subject to permanent Australian residency in a number of organisations.

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