Language and Identity (LNGS3694)


The unit explores expressions of social identities and relationships through language, including the connection between social groups (e.g. gender, ethnicity, age) and language use. It familiarises students with theories that explore relationships between language and identity construction/perception. The unit also equips the students with the necessary tools to critically engage with and analyse the issues of language and identity in various contexts.

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1x2hr seminar


1x1000wd assignment (15%), 1x2000wd assignment (30%), 1x3000wd assignment (45%), participation (10%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

Credit average in 18 Senior credit points from Linguistics, or the following foreign languages (French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, German, Latin, Modern Greek, Ancient Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Korean, Thai, Yiddish, Hebrew, Syriac, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse)


LNGS3907 or LNGS3927

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